Get your pool together NOW!

Welcome to the World Soccer Bracket.The best soccer nations in the world will be battling for the coveted title of World Champion in Qatar this year. Put your prognostication skills (or luck) to the test in this unique and fun contest that covers the tournament played from November 20 through the championship game on December 18!

How to Play

  • In Stage 1 (the round robin group stage), select the countries in each Group that you think will finish in first and second place to advance to Stage 2 (the knockout stage).
  • That will populate your starting bracket matchups for Stage 2.
  • Select the teams that you think will advance up to and including the Third Place game and Championship game.
  • Then, answer the two tie-breaking questions. Now your bracket is complete and ready for you to submit.

Scoring System

Points will be awarded for correct picks as follows:

  • Group Stage: 2 points
  • Round of 16: 3 points
  • Quarterfinals: 4 points
  • Semifinals: 5 points
  • Third Place Game: 5 points
  • Championship Game: 10 points

Leaderboard System

Your rank in the contest is determined by the points awarded for each of your correct picks and if necessary, by the tie-breaking procedures.


  1. In which minute will the first goal be scored in the Championship game?
  2. In which minute will the first goal be scored in the Third Place game?
  3. Time of entry (earlier will be ranked better)