Convert online traffic into foot traffic

SportsDraft, a turn-key Free-to-Play sports pool platform that allows you to create and personalize your very own fantasy sports pool for the biggest sporting events out there, such as NFL, NBA, NCAA, and NHL.  Every pool has unique geofencing technology which enables venue owners to host a promotion at their establishment. All hardware necessary to participate is supplied by your customers – their smartphones and tablets.

Our unique geofencing technology allow you to  virtual fence around your establishment, when your patrons are inside your fence, they can access the fenced functions.  Geofencing is a great way to convert your online traffic into foot traffic.

“It’s like having a kiosk at your location, except the kiosk is the user’s own smartphone”

When leaderboard page is geo-fenced, users can open the page only when they are physically at the locations specified by the manager. If users are not at one of the predefined locations, they will be presented with a map, and addresses of all the locations where they can participate.