Creating your pool is easy, now get the most out of your pool. Here are some things to help your pool along.


Setup your pool early

First and foremost, setup your pool early. The more lead time you have to promote your event, the more registered users you will have.  Many sports venues want to boost their sunday traffic. Our system will send out reminders to all who have signed up for the pool.  Users will receive the emails and make their picks. Set up your pool today!


Customize your pool

Customize your pool to personalize the look, feel and functionality. How to customize your pool?


Promote your pool

SportsDraft has a variety of ways for promoting, such as Facebook share button, Tweet button, QR code, short URL, and quick email. Be sure to promote your pool as early as possible to get more and more traffic.


Turn on Geo-fencing

When Leaderboard page is geo-fenced, users can only see that page when they are physically at the locations specified by the manager. Your poolies will come back to your location again and again. What is Geo-fencing?


Reward Winners

Set attractive prizes for the winners so that you get more and more poolies who are going to be your customers.