Saturday Night Power Pick’em gets you into the game. Pick them winner from all the scheduled NHL games each Saturday night!

How to Play

  • Make your picks by selecting the winner of each of the listed games each Saturday
  • Assign your PowerPicks to the three you are most confident. You’ll earn more points for getting those ones right; 2x, 3x, and 5x. All other picks are considered 1x
  • Only one entry is allowed per week per person and/or e-mail address
  • You may change your picks any time before the weekly deadline
  • You must submit picks for each week in which you wish to participate

Leaderboard System

Your overall your rank is determined by the number of correct picks you

  • One point for each correct pick
  • PowerPicks will multiply your correct pick
  • If a game goes into overtime, the shootout winner will be deemed the winner of the game

Weekly tie-breakers:

Weekly and overall ties will be broken using the weekly tiebreaker questions. If your are still tied after the tiebreakers, time of entry will be used to break the ties.

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