ended Feb. 11, 2024

How to Play

Make 12 picks before each week of the playoffs. You’ll be asked to pick the winner straight-up, against the spread and the over/under for each playoff game. (Select prop questions will be added to bring the total picks to 12 each playoff week.) Then rank your picks based on how confident you are that you’re right! The more confident you are, the more points you can earn—but only if you’re right.

The weight you give each pick represents the number of points you will receive if the outcome you select is correct. For example, if you pick New England to win straight-up and you assign a weight of 12 to that pick and New England does win, you would receive 12 points. You can use each weight only once. You want to give the teams/answers in which you are most confident the highest weight. You can earn a maximum of 78 points each round of the playoffs.

Leaderboard System

Your rank is determined by the total of the points you had assigned for each of the correct picks you make and if necessary, by the tie-breaking procedures.

Weekly tie-breakers:

  1. Points scored by the Home team in the specified game.
  2. Points scored by the Visiting team in the specified game.
  3. Total pass completions by both teams in the specified game.
  4. Time of entry that week (earlier is better).

Overall tie-breaker:

  1. Best rank in the final week.