This Thanksgiving, while you’re gathered with friends and family eating turkey and watching football, add some excitement and a little rivalry to the festivities by starting a pool at Sportsdraft.
Make your predictions on how you think the three Thanksgiving Day games will unfold. Check the standings throughout the day to see where you rank and to spout a little trashtalk!
Get in the game now and start sending out your invites!

How to play

You’ll be asked to pick the winner straight-up, against the spread and the over/under for each game. Select prop questions will be added to bring the total picks to 15. Then rank your picks based on how confident you are that you’re right! The more confident you are, the more points you can earn—but only if you’re right.
The entry deadline is posted on the Make Picks page.

  • Only one entry is allowed per person and/or e-mail address.
  • Any picks received after the deadline are void.
  • You may change your picks any time before the deadline.

Leaderboard System

Your rank is determined by the total of the points you had assigned for each of the correct picks you make and if necessary, by the tie-breaking procedures.