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Run your own NHL Survivor Pool to see who leads your pack!

NHL Saturday Night Survivor, a survivor pool with a twist, offers participants the chance to select one team each week to win their respective game. If their team wins, they “survive.” If the team loses, they lose a life. Each contestant can choose each team only two times throughout the contest.

How to Play

  • Contestants start with two lives
  • Each loss costs one life
  • Each team can be used a maximum of TWO TIMES for the duration of the contest
  • Only one entry is allowed per person and/or email address

Scoring System

The goal is simple; see if you are the last person in the standings and become the ultimate survivor!


Pick deadline every Saturday from Jan 3rd, 2015 – April 14th, 2015


The contest ends when one last person is remaining in the standings


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Streak History