Fill out your bracket by predicting the winner of all 63 games in the NCAA tournament.

How to Play

    • Make your picks by selecting which team you think will win each game of the tournament.
    • Only one entry is allowed per person and/or e-mail address.
    • In each of the four bracket regions, the teams are seeded from 1 through 16 with 1 being the top seed and 16 being the biggest underdog in each region. You’ll earn the number of points indicated for every correct pick you make. The points awarded for each correct pick increase with each round!
  • You may change your bracket picks any time before the deadline.

Leaderboard System

Your rank is determined by the number of points earned from all of your correct picks and, if necessary, by the tie-breaking procedures.

Scoring System:

    • Second Round: 10 points
    • Third Round: 20 points
    • Regional Semi-Finals: 40 points
    • Regional Finals: 60 points
    • National Semi-Finals: 80 points
  • Championship Game: 100 points

Overall tie-breakers:

  1. Points scored by the winning team in the championship game
  2. Points scored by the losing team in the championship game
  3. Most points scored by one player in the championship game
  4. Time of entry (earlier is better).

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