Sprint to the Finish challenges you to choose the best 5 drivers every race. Your first choice (captain) earns you 2x times the points earned, your other drivers earn the points they accumulate in the race. As you can see, your captain is particularly important.

How to Play

  • Make your picks by selecting 5 drivers from the list of racers.
  • Drivers earn points based on points earned in the actual race.
  • Your captain earns 2X the points actually earned in the race.
  • If you do not make picks, your picks from the race before will carryover.

Leaderboard System

Your rank is determined by the number of points earned from all of your correct picks and, if necessary, by the tie-breaking procedures.

Scoring System:

  • Driver #1 (2x Points Earned)
  • Driver #2 (1x Points Earned)
  • Driver #3 (1x Points Earned)
  • Driver #4 (1x Points Earned)
  • Driver #5 (1x Points Earned)

Overall tie-breakers:

Overall ties will be broken using the best score in the final race. If there still ties, the best score in the second last race will be deemed the winner. This countback method will be used to break any further ties.

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