Premiership Predictor

ended May 14, 2018

Just pick the outcomes of matches played in the English Premier League from August 11, 2017 to May 13, 2018. Select the team you think will win or draw if you think the final score will be tied. Then assign your PowerPicks to the three you are most confident. You’ll earn more points for getting those ones right; 2x, 3x, and 5x. All other picks are considered 1x.

The entry deadline for each week is posted on the Make Picks page each week and in the Official Rules.


  • x 5 pick: earn 5 points if correct
  • x 3 pick: earn 3 points if correct
  • x 2 pick: earn 2 points if correct
  • x 1 all other picks: earn 1 point if correct

Leaderboard System

Your rank in a week is determined by the number of correct picks you make for that week and if necessary, by the tie-breaking procedures. Your overall rank is determined by the number of total correct picks you have earned for all weeks.

Weekly tie-breakers:

  1. Number of goals scored in all games combined that week.
  2. Best season-to-date rank will be ranked better.
  3. Time of entry that week (earlier is better).

Overall tie-breaker:

  1. Best rank in the final week.


49 leaderboard segments to choose from! You determine when and how many prizes you wish to give out.

  • Overall : Aug 11 – End of Season
  • Weekly Segments: Choose to give out prizes for each of the 38 weeks  from Aug 11 – May 13
  • Monthly Segments: Choose to give out prizes for each month from Aug – May