Playoff Hockey

ends Jun. 16, 2019

your own Salary Cap Playoff Hockey pool!

How to Play

Pick your playoff fantasy team for each of the three segments on the Playoff Fantasy Hockey schedule beginning Wednesday, April 10. We have split up the playoffs into three Segments; Round 1, Round 2 and Rounds 3 and 4 combined. Each Segment, the challenge is to put together a 12 player team that will score the most fantasy points during that Segment according to the contest scoring system. You can re-select your entire roster prior to Round 2 and then again before Round 3. After that, your roster is set for the remainder of the playoffs.

The players available to be chosen have been split into forwards, defencemen and goalies by conference with each player assigned Each player available to be chosen has been assigned a value between 1 and 10 based on past and predicted performance. Your challenge is to pick a fantasy team of three forwards, two defencemen and a goalie from each conference that will earn the most fantasy points that segment while staying at or under the Salary Cap of 60

Scoring System

Forwards and Defencemen

  • one (1) fantasy point for each goal
  • one (1) fantasy point for each assist
  • one (1) fantasy point for each overtime goal or assist (ie. Overtime goal = 2 points in total)


  • two (2) fantasy points for a win,
  • two (2) fantasy points for a shutout (i.e. Shutout Win = 4 points in total)

Leaderboard System

Rankings are determined by the number of points accumulated by each roster.


  • Weekly: Most points overall
  • Monthly: Most points in final week of the applicable month (with countback to earlier weeks if necessary)

Leaderboard Segments

4 leaderboard segments to choose from ! You determine when and how many prizes you wish to give out.

  • Overall : End of Season
  • Segment 1: All points accumulated through out the first round of the playoffs
  • Segment 2: All points accumulated through out the second round of the playoffs
  • Segment 3: All points accumulated through out the third and fourth round of the playoffs