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Do you know who will win the Stanley Cup?

Ready to test your Hockey prediction skills.  The NHL Playoff Bracket is ready to go and ready for you to test your playoff knowledge! Fill out your bracket by predicting the winner of all 15 series in the 2015 NHL Playoffs.

How to Play

  • Make your picks by selecting which team you think will win each series in the playoffs.
  • Teams will be ranked based on the current NHL playoff system with the top 12 teams and 4 wildcard teams ranked accordingly.
  • Only one entry is allowed per person and/or e-mail address.

Scoring System:

Each round points for correct picks are awarded as follows:

  • Round 1: 10 points
  • Round 2: 20 points
  • Round 3: 30 points
  • Finals: 50 points

Leaderboard System

Your rank is determined by the number of points earned from all of your correct picks and, if necessary, by the tie-breaking procedures.

Overall tie-breakers:

Overall ties will be broken using the tiebreaker question in the Stanley Cup round. If there still ties, the best score in the previous round will be deemed the winner. This countback method will be used to break any further ties.