Salary Cap Fantasy Hockey 2015

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Salary Cap Fantasy Hockey

Start your own Salary Cap Fantasy Hockey pool !

Participants pick 12 player fantasy team of six forwards, four defencemen and two goalies each week of the season while staying under the $60K salary cap.  Player values are determined initially based on past and predicted performance. But once the season begins, player values will fluctuate based on this season’s performance and the market for that player. The challenge is to know when to keep or release the players on your roster!

The season starts Wednesday, October 7 with weeks thereafter running from Monday through Sunday. The weekly deadline is the scheduled start of the first game each week. The season will be split up into six monthly prize periods and a first half and second half. Every month and each half give you a new chance to win!

Scoring System

Forwards and Defencemen

one (1) fantasy point for each goal
one (1) fantasy point for each assist


two (2) fantasy points for a win,
one (1) fantasy point for an overtime loss or shootout loss
two (2) bonus points for a shutout

Leaderboard System

Rankings are determined by the number of points accumulated by each roster.


Weekly: Most points overall
Monthly: Most points in final week of the applicable month (with countback to earlier weeks if necessary)
Each Half: Most points in final week of the applicable half (with countback to earlier weeks if necessary)

36 Leaderboard Segments

With 36 leaderboard segments you can determine when and how many prizes you wish to give out.

Overall : Oct. 7 – Apr. 9

First Half: Oct. 7 – Jan. 10

Second Half: Jan. 11 – Apr. 9

Month 1: Oct. 7 – Nov. 1

Month 2: Nov. 2 – 29

Month 3: Nov. 30 – Jan. 3

Month 4: Jan. 4 – 27

Month 5: Feb. 2 – Mar. 6

Month 6: Mar 7 – Apr. 9

Weekly leaderboard segments